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Assisted Living Care in Hollister, CA

The Best of Care for Your Family

Heart of Hollister is staffed 24/7/365 by experienced caregivers who are trained to provide individual care, recognition and attention to all residents. Together, residents, family members, our administrator, the resident’s physicians and our caregivers work as a team to ensure that individualized and appropriate care is provided to each senior.

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At The HHCH, We are all one family.

If you believe that your loved one may be showing signs that may require assisted living care, Heart of Hollister Care Home is here to help. Our facility is designed to provide elderly people with a stepping stone of sorts between full, independent living and more intense intervention and support. Our talented and highly trained caregivers strive to maintain the dignity, independence and quality of life for all residents. For more information, give us a call today.

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About HHCH

Heart of Hollister Care Home is a fully licensed residential senior care facility, we are uniquely qualified to provide seniors aged 60 and over with the safe environment and the services and care that they need to thrive well into their golden years.

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division as a Residential Care Facility, Heart of Hollister’s mission is to foster wellness, dignity, independence and quality of life in all of our residents.

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What HHCH Means To You

Be Their Son or Daughter, Not Their Caregiver

At HHCH, we want to help you enjoy your life without worrying about mom or dad. We’ll help alleviate the strain that caregiving puts on your relationships. Spend time with your loved one making memories and enjoying your time together.


Focus on You

We want to help you focus on your own affairs – Too many times we’ve seen the demands of taking care of an aging parent cause unneeded stress on households. We want to help you focus on your own home, hobbies, and children.


Alleviate Stress

Why isn’t mom or dad answering the phone? Did they fall? Has mom or dad wandered off? Are they ok? You’ll no longer have to leave work or drop important tasks to run to mom and dad’s rescue, HHCH will take those worries away.


Reduce Travel Time and Increase Time for Your Needs

No need to travel to mom and dads after work to cook, clean and run errands, then drive home to do it all over again.


Peace of Mind

Go on vacation or travel. Getaway for the weekend or just sleep well at night knowing mom or dad are not alone and being well cared for.