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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living care is one part of a continuum of long-term care services for seniors. This type of care provides a combination of health care services, personal care services and housing with the ultimate goal of fostering and maintaining the independence of residents.

Assisted living facilities like Heart of Hollister are multifaceted residential environments that aim to provide extra care to seniors who are well enough to be mostly independent but aging enough to require additional help.

Residents receive ongoing personal care services; access to regular social activities; access to various health-related services; and 24-hour supervision and assistance from trained caregivers.

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Why have senior care facilities like Heart of Hollister become such an integral part of the long-term senior care continuum?

Such facilities are specifically designed to minimize the need for the elderly to relocate. They strive to accommodate the specific and ever-changing needs and preferences of individual residents while ensuring their ongoing dignity, privacy, autonomy, safety, choice and independence. At the same time, assisted living facilities encourage the involvement of residents’ families and the surrounding community to provide the richest and fullest lifestyle for residents as possible.

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Assisted living care facilities typically include the following features:

How to Recognize Signs That It’s Time for Assisted Living

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Making the decision to move into assisted living is a big one. How can a person and their family know when the time is right? This generally boils down to determining how well a senior can complete activities of daily living, or ADLs. These ADLs fall into six categories:

  • bathing
  • continence
  • dressing
  • feeding
  • toileting
  • transferring into and out of bed

Additionally, a person’s ability to manage instrumental activities of daily living, or IADLs, may help to determine if assisted living care is needed. These include:

  • cleaning the house
  • managing finances
  • cooking food for oneself
  • ability to transport self around
  • socializing
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Key signs that it may be time to consider an assisted living facility like Heart of Hollister include:

Worsening Medical Conditions – According to the AARP, more than 70 million Americans aged 50 and over suffer from at least one chronic medical condition, which may include things like heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Such individuals often experience an increase in the potential for medical emergencies, and they generally require more and more medical attention as their conditions worsen.

Isolation – According to the last U.S. Census, more than 11 million elderly people live alone in the United States. Although many still continue to get out and about, many others start losing interest in their hobbies and in things like socializing. In turn, they may develop problems like addiction and depression. They are also at increased risk of mortality because of their isolation.

Poor Hygiene and Frailty – Whether due to a lack of ability or motivation, many elderly people’s hygiene begins to decline and can have dire consequences on their quality of life. With such individuals, you may notice that their grooming habits have worsened or dropped off entirely, or they may have an odor that suggests that they are not bathing regularly. At the same time, such individuals may begin appearing gaunter and more frail due to improper nutrition or underlying medical conditions.

Messy Surroundings – As people age, many who previously took immaculate care of their personal space start letting things slide. As with personal hygiene, this is sometimes due to an inability to perform routine cleaning; or simply feeling up to the task. Seniors often end up living in conditions that are practically squalid, and things like spoiled food may be found around the house. There may also be signs that the person is unable or unwilling to cook for themselves.

Monetary Issues – With advancing age, many people lose the motivation or ability to stay on top of their financial obligations. Sometimes, underlying conditions like Dementia are to blame. Additionally, seniors are susceptible to falling prey to financial scams perpetrated by strangers and even family.

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If you believe that your loved one may be showing signs that may require assisted living care, Heart of Hollister Care Home is here to help. Our facility is designed to provide elderly people with a stepping stone of sorts between full, independent living and more intense medical intervention and support. Our talented and highly trained caregivers strive to maintain the dignity, independence and quality of life for all residents. For more information, give us a call today.